Vis-À-Vis Health and LiveCare Achieve Significant Advancements in Modern Healthcare

Vis-À-Vis Health and LiveCare’s Clinii Achieve Significant Reduction in Rehospitalizations, Aim to Transform Healthcare with New AI Integration, and Begin Implementation for 30,000 Additional Patients.

Vis-À-Vis Health Health and LiveCare are marking a significant achievement in the realm of modern healthcare. Through their pilot partnership using the Clinii platform developed by LiveCare, they have realized a significant decrease in hospital readmissions from Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) across 7 locations in New York City, covering 900 patients.

Starting immediately with the implementation of 30,000 additional lives: Spurred by the success of this pilot, the two entities are set to integrate cutting-edge AI capabilities into the Clinii platform. In the upcoming months, there’s an ambitious goal to cater to an additional 30,000 SNF patients across 200 locations. With AI at its core, the Clinii platform aims to provide virtual care teams with a robust set of tools for chronic care management, reinforcing the mission to further reduce hospital readmissions.

Statement from Vis-À-Vis Health

“We’ve been tremendously impressed by the results from our pilot initiative using the Clinii platform. Introducing this additional layer of tech-driven care has tangibly reduced hospital readmissions,” shared Dr. Deepak Setia, Clinical Director at Vis-À-Vis Health. “Now, with the upcoming integration of AI into Clinii, we’re venturing into uncharted territories of healthcare. We believe that this AI integration is the next logical step in our partnership with LiveCare, aiming for an even more holistic and efficient approach to patient care.”

Statement from LiveCare

“Our collaboration with Vis-À-Vis Health has already achieved stellar results, setting the stage for the next evolutionary step in healthcare. The imminent AI enhancements to our Clinii platform will be revolutionary,” remarked Peri Avitan, CEO of LiveCare. “Clinii’s upcoming AI capabilities are a testament to our dedication to leading the healthcare tech frontier. We are excited to see the transformative impact this will have on patient care across all our locations.”

Both Vis A Vis Health and LiveCare are at the forefront of leveraging advanced technology in healthcare, aiming to optimize patient outcomes and streamline medical workflows. The introduction of AI into the Clinii platform symbolizes a commitment to continually push boundaries and innovate in the healthcare space.